Frequently Asked Questions

How Does UV-C work?

  • Ultraviolet light is divided into 3 categories, UV-A, UV-B, UV-C. Out of these rays, only UV-C is capable of effectively eliminating bacteria and viruses. CLEARSCAN s three propriety LED lamps uses UV-C wavelength of 260-270nm, which is at the top end of the scale and has the  ideal germicidal wavelength with current technology. It alters the structure of DNA and RNA in living cells. 

How Do I Know If Its Working?

  • The UV-C lamps are connected to a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery through a printed circuit board. When powered on CLEARSCAN will display a blue colored light which demonstrates the LED lamps are emitting UV-C wavelength. Note: You can NOT see UV-C light so DO NOT look for it!

How Do I Use It?

  • Push the clip of CLEARSCAN upwards until fully extended and clicks into place. The On/Off button is revealed. 
  • Position CLEARSCAN half to one inch above desired surface or object with the exposed lamps facing the object to be sanitized. Press On/Off button for 1 second to activate the UV-C lamps. Avoid UV-C exposure to eyes and skin. Simply press and release the On/Off button again to cancel.
  • A single operation will last for 20 seconds and will shut off automatically. 
  • If you rotate the device more than 90° from the desired surface or object the internal safety gyro will turn the lamps off. If you rotate the device back to the target the lights will come on for the balance of 20 seconds.
  • When you have finished sanitizing, slide the extended part of the pen back in its housing. 

How Safe is CLEARSCAN? 

  • The CLEARSCAN Portable UV-C Sanitizer Pen is equipped with telescopic cap and operating timer to protect the user. There is also an internal gyro-safety sensor which automatically turns the pen off if rotated more than 90° away from the object being sanitized. UV-C can cause permanent damage to skin and eyes if used incorrectly. Prolonged exposure to UV-C light on the skin will cause redness and irritation.

Does This Replace Hand Sanitizer and Other Cleaning Products? 

  • CLEARSCAN is intended to keep our environments safe and is not intended for the eyes or skin. CLEARSCAN can be used in conjunction with your everyday cleanliness practices and is ideal for all of the in-between surfaces/objects where harmful chemical cleaning agents are not ideal (laptop keyboard, silverware, phone, wallet, watch, gym weights, car steering wheel etc.)

What Testing Has Been Done? 

  • CLEARSCANs Testing and Certification was conducted by EMSL Analytical, Inc. in Houston, TX and proved effective at reducing the bacteria on test surfaces showing 99.99% as the highest kill against S. aureus and 99.96% against E. coli. The same UV-C Lamps were tested and certified against COVID-19 after receiving a dedicated study at Jeonbuk National University in South Korea.


CLEARSCANs EPA Establishment Number is: 96878-KOR-1